Noticias Coilmaster

Coilmaster Electronics, marca de calidad de la que somos distribuidores en Dachs S.A, amplía el catálogo de inductores de potencia perfil bajo SMD 3225 mm con certificación automoción a precios competitivos.

Una nueva familia de Coilmaster que podemos utilizar como alternativa a otros fabricantes, p.ej.

Murata DFE322512F=P2  Series  

TDK SPM3012T-LR  Series  

Wurth 744025XXX  Series  

Murata /Toko 1277AS-H=P2  Series  

 Coilmaster Electronics would like to introduce “Low profile, Metal Molding Power Inductors  ~ Application for automotive”.

Coilmaster Electronics have kept pursuing manufacturing excellence, which includes investing in production automation, attaining TS16949 certification and adding an AEC-Q200 Reliability Lab for quality assurance.

I am very pleased to Introducing New Ultra-small shielded power inductor . Since Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. are manufacturing and supplying attractive price , stable quality and promote delivery for SMT Power Inductors ,

High Current Shielded Power Inductors  & Chip inductors , Common Mode Choke , LAN Magnetics in order to meet the needs of the electronics industry.

Low profile, Metal Alloy High Current Inductors  ……… AEC-Q200 Parts ……… ~ ML322512T  series


  • Magnetic shielding allows high-density mounting
  • Ultra-small shielded power inductor – only 1.2 mm high, 3.5× 2.5 mm footprint
  • Handles current up to 9.1 Amps
  • Excellent mounting strength by SMD chip making
  • Isat means that DC current will cause a 30% inductance reduction from initial value .
  • Irms means that DC current will cause coil temperature rising to 40°C whichever is smaller.
  • RoHS-compliant. 260°C compatible.
  • Excellent temperature stability for inductance and saturation with AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C) .

Subject: Cross reference (One model can replace four series products)

1>    Low profile, Metal Alloy High Current Inductors   –  ML322512T series  

Cross SPEC. : Coilmaster p/n : ML322512T series  ——->  Murata DFE322512F=P2  Series


2>    Low profile, Metal Alloy High Current Inductors   –  ML322512T series  

Cross SPEC. : Coilmaster p/n : ML322512T series  ——->  TDK SPM3012T-LR  Series


3>    Low profile, Metal Alloy High Current Inductors   –  ML322512T series  

Cross SPEC. : Coilmaster p/n : ML322512T series  ——->  Wurth 744025XXX  Series


4> Low profile, Metal Alloy High Current Inductors   –  ML322512T series  

Cross SPEC. : Coilmaster p/n : ML322512T series  ——->  Murata /Toko 1277AS-H=P2  Series


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Novedades Aimtec


Aimtec has been introducing leading power conversion solutions for 20 years and it is now expanding its product offering to external AC-DC adapters.
As part of Aimtec’s ongoing efforts to better meet our global customer base’s evolving needs in power conversion, our new adapter lineup, from 5 to 120W, meets a broad spectrum of application requirements and comes with a full suite of global safety standards. Furthermore, Aimtec offers 9 different plug types, from locking types to USB-C as well as desktop and wall mount variations.

Aimtec adapters offer faster certification times, allow engineers to save valuable board space as well as have products reach market faster thanks to simpler designs.

For information regarding these new series, visit or have a look at our datasheets here:



Presentamos las nuevas mini cámaras 1080P USB de SAMBO HITECH.

Nuestras cámaras USB se pueden suministrar en formato mini carcasa o en formato placa (PCB) con varios tipos de lentes, lentes auto-focus, incluso lentes minúsculas.

A diferencia de las cámaras normales USB que encontramos en el mercado, hemos desarrollado esta cámara con IPS separado, lo cual provee la misma performance como las cámaras de vigilancia, asegurando la estabilidad  de las operaciones AE (after effect).

La interface USB permite nuestra cámara ser compatible con varios Sistemas Operativos como Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, etc.

Es ideal para diversificar aplicaciones tales como: sistemas de seguridad, gaming, monitorización industrial, inspección de maquinaria, robótica, etc.  

Aimtec lanza una nueva familia de convertidores tipo Bricks para ferrocarriles

The new Quarter and Half bricks released by Aimtec are high-performance DC/DC converter bricks specifically designed for a variety of railway applications. The quarter bricks features power of 50, 75 & 100W and the half bricks feature power of 150 & 250W, which have no requirements for minimum loads.

Furthermore, a wide input voltage of up to  40-160VDC, operating temperatures up to 100℃ and reinforced I/O isolation of 3000VAC come standard with these models. Additionally, this series includes input under-voltage protection, output over-voltage, short-circuit, over-current and over-temperature protection, remote On/Off control, remote sense compensation and output voltage trim adjustment. These new series also meet EN50155 railway standards, EN50121-3-2 immunity & EMI standards, EN60068-2-1,-2,-30 environment approvals and are widely used in the centralized lighting, air conditioning and related on-board railway equipment.

For information regarding these new series, visit or have a look at our datasheets here:



DIOTEC. Nuevos reguladores de voltaje / tensión. Low dropout

Linear voltage regulators are simple and cost-efficient devices, for generating stable output voltage from a wide range of higher input voltages. With their simple 3-pin internal configuration and small package dimensions, they enable the designers to easily use them in various linear circuits covering a broad range of applications.

Our new linear voltage regulators are designed for high performance operation. Applications include medium power general-purpose consumer and industrial circuits such as DC/DC converters, battery chargers, LED drivers and µController (MCU) circuits.

Linear voltage regulators are used in sensitive applications and complex circuits, requiring stable supply voltages, low to medium current capabilities and low noise. You can find all the information also in our new flyer.

Diotec’s product portfolio offers:

›    Positive Voltage Regulators (Fixed version)
›    Negative Voltage Regulators (Fixed version)
›    Low Dropout Voltage Regulators (Adjustable and Fixed version)
›    Low dropout & Low Quiescent LDO Voltage Regulator (Fixed version)

Our new Linear Voltage Regulators comes in the industry-standard packages such as SOT-223, SOT-23, SOT-89, TO-92 and SO-8, with the following main features:


  • Adjustable and fixed output voltage versions
  • Adjustable output voltage range: 1.25 V … 13.65 V
  • Fixed output voltage range: – 5.0  V … 24 V
  • Maximum output currents upto 1 A
  • Output voltage accuracy: ±1%, ±2% and 5%
  • Typical quiescent current: 8 µA … 6.5 mA
  • Typical dropout voltage: 0.075 V … 2.0 V
  • Thermal overload and short circuit protection


  • Post regulators for switch mode power supply
  • DC/DC converters
  • Active SCSI termination regulators
  • Battery powered electronics
  • Mobile / Smart Phones
  • Home automation systems
  • Game consoles