TE: Standard Portfolio of GNSS Antennas


• Efficiency and precision

• Reduce antenna size

TE’s new standard portfolio of GNSS antennas make positioning wireless connections more reliable by using a range of multi-band antennas for individual device configuration. With the upcoming 5G roll out and exponential increase of wireless traffic, quality of service and spectral efficiency are becoming more and more critical for a non-interrupted wireless experience.

Our new standard portfolio of GNSS antennas address key antenna performance goals – efficiency and bandwidth – and cover different requirements, from generic consumer navigation to high precision positioning.


• Enhance efficiency and precision with TE’s expert antenna engineers

• Reduce antenna size by integrating multiband, multi-surface and multi-function (active) antennas into one device

• Save costs with minimum associated components required

• Support multi-band and multi-standard designs – GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo

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