Get the EloTouch Touchmonitor You Always Wished for!

Whether you need a touchscreen at the point of sale to process a transaction or in a restaurant to enable self-service for guests to view your menu and submit their order, the line of 02-Series monitors can support the installation needs with ease while maintaining a modern, sleek aesthetic.

Brilliant Displays from 10 to 27-inches

The Elo 02-Series of Touchscreen Monitors designed with seamless style and a compact form factor across all sizes for easy integration are well-suited for point of information, point-of-sale, signage and hospitality applications.
Built with versatility in mind, Elo’s Edge Connect offers a wide assortment of peripheral options and transforms the monitors to meet the demands of your blueprint.


Arcode Scanner – Enhance self-service checkout and price-checker applications by coupling a high-performance barcode scanner onto the Elo touchscreen.

NFC – The Near Field Communication adapter can be integrated for easy mobile payments with just a touch of the phone.


Fingerprint Reader – The Biometric Fingerprint Reader enables secure and quick login.

MSR – The Magnetic Stripe Reader allows employee identification and customer loyalty cards swiping.

Les invitamos a contactar con nuestro personal de DACHS ELECTRÓNICA para recibir todo el soporte técnico y comercial.

Soporte técnico y comercial:

Media Contact
Dachs Electronica, S.A.
Pol. Ind. Els Garrofers
Avda. del Progrés 97 – 08340 Vilassar de Mar -Tel. +34 93 741 85 00


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