Coilmaster Electronics: New Products information for High current, low profile, Metal Alloy Inductors automotive parts

Coilmaster Electronics would like to introduce ‘High current, low profile, miniature power inductors ~ Application for automotive’

Introducing New Ultra-small shielded power inductor.
Since Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. are manufacturing and supplying attractive price , stable quality and promote delivery for SMT Power Inductors , High Current Shielded Power Inductors & Chip inductors , Common Mode Choke , LAN Magnetics in order to meet the needs of the electronics industry.


  • High current carrying capacity in compact standard 1008 (2520 metric) footprint.
  • Excellent current handling – up to 4.95 A; Exceptionally low DCR – only 25 mOhms
  • Inductance rage: 0.47 µH – 4.7 µH
  • Magnetically shielded and low DC resistance and Suitable for large current .
  • Rugged flexible construction with Low EMI
  • Excellent temperature stability for inductance and saturation with AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C) .


High current, low profile, miniature power inductors ~ ML252010QP, ML252012QP, ML252012QS series

More information

ML252010QP SERIES Alternative to Murata p/n 1269AS-H Series



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