Diotec actualiza sus productos de protección Electroestática. SE1J – Diotec’s new ESD Protectifiers

In today’s consumer and automotive electronics, the role of ESD protection is imperative for ensuring a system’s robustness under harsh transient conditions at system level. Diotec adds, for these applications, an ESD protected diode to its portfolio of Standard SMD rectifiers – a new member of Protectifiers®family!

The SE1J comes in a flat SOD-123 package, and features a repetitive peak reverse voltage of 600V with 1A of average forward current rating. It ensures robust ESD immunity up to ± 25 kV as specified for air discharge in compliance with IEC 61000-4-2 Industry standard.

This device is well suited for use in applications like 50/60 Hz mains protection, power supplies, polarity protection and many more.

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