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TDK , marca de calidad de la que somos distribuidores en Dachs S.A, amplía el catálogo de chokes dobles para muy altas frecuencias con su nueva serie B82791H2*N010

Inductors: TDK offers extremely compact current-compensated ring core double chokes for very high frequencies.

TDK Corporation presents a new series of very compact current-compensated EPCOS power line ring core double chokes for very high frequencies. The B82791H2*N010 series is available with current ratings from 1.5 A to 4 A at a nominal ambient temperature of +70 °C without derating, and for a nominal voltage of 250 V AC (50/60 Hz). Depending on the type, the inductance values are 14 µH to 100 µH. The utilized plastic material meets UL 94 V-0. To match significant requirements for specific applications such as drives, the plastic material fulfills the specifications for GWIT (+775 °C), GWFI (850 °C) and Ball Pressure (+125 °C). The design complies with EN 60938-2 (VDE 0565-2).

With dimensions of only 17.6 x 15.3 x 7.4 mm, these EMC components are extremely compact. Their very high resonance frequencies and increased saturation capability due to the special core material, and the complete omission of potting or any adhesives allow effective common-mode filtering at up to 300 MHz and beyond. Due to high stray inductance of up to 10 percent, these RoHS-compatible ring core chokes also effectively suppress the symmetrical interferences. The main application areas include compact switched power conversion applications, drives and post-design EMC tuning on semi-finished PCB.


  • Suppression of common-mode interferences at very high frequencies
  • LED driver circuits
  • Switch-mode power applications

Main features

  • Very compact design
  • Suitable for post-design EMC tuning on finished PCB
  • Very high resonance frequency and high saturation capability due to special core material and omission of potting
  • Effective common-mode filtering up to 300 MHz
  • Up to 10 percent stray inductance RoHS-compatible

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