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Acuerdo de distribución con Deutsch

  Dachs Electrónica firma acuerdo de distribución con Deutsch, marca de TE Connectivity especializada en Conectores Sellados para la industria del transporte industrial y comercial. La semana pasada el equipo de Dachs Electrónica disfrutó de un training de especialización impartido por la marca Te Connectivity, así nuestro equipo puede conocer de primera mano todo las […]


WF101FSYFPLHGX is a 10.1 inch high brightness version TFT display with incredibly high resolution and great angle-visibility. WF101F model is having IPS TFT panel with a HDMI interface output, it’s made of high resolution WXGA 1280×800, high brightness 900 cd/m2. This model WF101FSYFPLHGX comes with a control board with HDMI interface signal input; it is […]


WF43UTIAEDNN0 is a 4.3 inch TFT LCD module with resolution 480×272 pixels. This TFT module is built in with Driver IC ST7282-G4-1L; it supports 24-bit RGB interface; 3.3V (typical value) power supply for Voltage (VDD); it’s having Anti-Glare surface panel, View Direction 12 o’clock, Gray scale inversion 6 o’clock, and 16:9 aspect ratio. This 4.3″ […]

Te Connectivity: MAG-MATE Terminals for More Al and Cu Wire Sizes

TE Connectivity introduces two new MAG-MATE terminals for magnet wire sizes not accommodated by existing terminals in the product line. As with other MAG-MATE terminals, they utilize insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology to provide a clean, stable, metal-to-metal interface without requiring pre-stripping of the magnet wire. The new terminals can terminate aluminum magnet wire from […]