TE – Introducing POTTER & BRUMFIELD Solid State Relays SSRMP Mini Puck Series

Where silent, fast and long electrical life in switching is required, TE Connectivity (TE) Potter & Brumfield Solid State Relays (SSR) are featured. They are used in heating, lighting, industrial automation and industrial machinery applications. SSRMP will add a panel mount option to the SSR range of products. With load ratings ranging from 10/16/25 AMP @ 240/ 480VAC, unlimited number of switching operations, added along with the ability of high-speed switching prevents interference of external signals. The compact size provides customers space saving options and quick connect terminals offer easy installation. To limit the part numbers based on input voltage conditions, SSRMP input side is standard (4-32VDC) across all output ranges, which can be beneficial for customers on inventory management. Leer más



TE Connectivity (TE) announces new TV-8 rated 10A OJT Relays. This compact relay offers a high 117A inrush capability and is UL TV-8 rated. This makes them ideal for use in applications that require high inrush resistance on loads which inrush current occurs. Contacts in a 1 form A, 1 NO (normally open) arrangement are rated up to 10 amps at 250 volts AC, resistive with through-hole technology (THT) printed circuit board (PCB) terminals. Its miniature design results in a size about 40% less than similar relay offerings. The 450mW coil is offered in 5 through 24 volt DC versions.

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