Aimtec Launches the First Ever 3-Watt Dual Output SIP6 DC/DC Converter!

Aimtec is pleased to introduce its first ever 3-Watt single and dual output DC/DC converter in a compact SIP6 package. With a 4:1 ultra-wide input range, from 4.5-75VDC, the AM3A-Z comes with 1600VDC isolation and a regulated output. This is the smallest regulated and isolated 3-Watt converter ever designed for Aimtec! Leer más


WF101FSYFPLHGX is a 10.1 inch high brightness version TFT display with incredibly high resolution and great angle-visibility. WF101F model is having IPS TFT panel with a HDMI interface output, it’s made of high resolution WXGA 1280×800, high brightness 900 cd/m2. This model WF101FSYFPLHGX comes with a control board with HDMI interface signal input; it is designed to make Raspberry Pi usage become easily. WF101FSYFPLHGX has a USB interface Projected Capacitive Touch Screen overlay on TFT panel.

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WF43UTIAEDNN0 is a 4.3 inch TFT LCD module with resolution 480×272 pixels. This TFT module is built in with Driver IC ST7282-G4-1L; it supports 24-bit RGB interface; 3.3V (typical value) power supply for Voltage (VDD); it’s having Anti-Glare surface panel, View Direction 12 o’clock, Gray scale inversion 6 o’clock, and 16:9 aspect ratio. This 4.3″ TFT have competitive price advantage, welcome to contact us for pricing or samples.

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Te Connectivity: MAG-MATE Terminals for More Al and Cu Wire Sizes

TE Connectivity introduces two new MAG-MATE terminals for magnet wire sizes not accommodated by existing terminals in the product line. As with other MAG-MATE terminals, they utilize insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology to provide a clean, stable, metal-to-metal interface without requiring pre-stripping of the magnet wire.

The new terminals can terminate aluminum magnet wire from 25-24 AWG (0.45-0.5 mm dia) or copper magnet wire from 27-24 AWG (0.38-0.5mm dia). Both are 300 box MAG-MATE terminals for standard cavity size 2.

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Winstar: PCB Upgrade Version for WH1602B/WHZ1602B & WH1602K series

Winstar is going to upgrade the PCB board for all WH1602B and WH1602K series running change from September, 2018. We redesigned the PCB circuit layout for having better performance. The mechanical outline size and the electrical characters for new version PCB and the existing one are the same, but the layout will look different in appearance.

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